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What clients have said about Training.

Thank you so much for your presentation.   I thought the members were fully engaged throughout.  I noted the history buffs sit up and take notice when you gave the history of parliamentary procedure.  Everyone was impressed that you had read the board’s policy manual – they haven’t touched it since it was created.   Anyway I thought you were great.
- Jan M.
State Board of Education


Presentation Rating:  4.85 out of 5.00 -- Comments:  Great speaker with great information.  Outstanding presentation.  Good exercise on leadership styles.  WOW, I like your calm and organized presentation.  This was wonderful and fun, I am taking this back to my staff.  Fantastic!!
- Special Districts of Oregon
2007 Annual Conference

You have made a difference for the students in our district by helping us to grow in our leadership skills.
- Theresa E.
Board Chair


What clients have said about Facilitation.

When our schools found themselves in issues surrounding diversity, we were really in need of help.  I knew that an effective facilitator was critical to success.   Greg McKenzie was tremendous.  His support to me as a new superintendent and to the School Board was exceptional.   Greg had incredible skills and knowledge in the area of community involvement and working with individuals with contrasting viewpoints surrounding issues of diversity.  I am so proud that we were able to agree on an advisory proposal even though we came to the committee with divergent viewpoints and I credit Greg’s ability to effectively facilitate for a great deal of that accomplishment.
- Nancy G.
School District Superintendent
Enrollment:  12,000      
The Public Forum Committee for a Strong Gervais School District wish to say a huge “thank you” for moderating the public forum last Tuesday evening.   Your command of the process for the evening’s event was perfect.  The district got the facts and the candidates were able to focus on what they needed to say without worrying about the “emotional” side of the questions.  Thank you again.
- Linda W.
Gervais School District

You were an enthusiastic and energetic leader.  I was concerned over this item as you know, but I feel it couldn’t have gone any better.  You made what could have been a tense activity one that was fun and enlightening.
- President,
Board Conflict Project
Oregon School Boards Association
What clients have said about the Executive Search.

“Greg McKenzie did a wonderful job for our district.   He kept key people informed, had a clear picture of what we needed to do, and most of all he held my hand when I would panic.   He was great - I can’t thank him enough.
- Board Chair
Superintendent Search
Enrollment: 4300
“Greg McKenzie has been wonderful to go thru this process with.  He is always informative, never flustered & a perfect gentleman to work with.”
- Board Chair
Superintendent Search
Enrollment: 1100

“Our facilitator did a great job of keeping us from getting bogged down in unimportant details - and even some important ones we managed to overcome/solve with his assistance.”
- Board Chair
Superintendent Search
Enrollment: 600

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