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About Us
At Window to Leadership, LLC we believe that locally controlled units of government are the foundation of democracy.  In the community is where the rubber meets the road and governance affects the everyday lives of citizens, whether school board, city council, county commission or town committee.  WTL has a network of seasoned leadership training and communication experts dedicated to improving board leadership performance.   With a combined 50+ years of experience in the fields of governance, leadership and communication, WTL is uniquely prepared to provide whatever it takes to assist a board  take the next step.  Effective board leadership leads to motivated staff, student success and supportive communities.

We believe . . . . 
        • All services, programs and services will be the highest quality
        • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed
        • Honesty, integrity and mutual respect will not be compromised
        • Services, programs and products will be user-friendly
        • Hard work always pays dividends
        • Imaginative and resourceful leadership tools are more effective
        • Open, timely communication creates an atmosphere of trust
        • Leadership development can be fun

Window to Leadership, LLC draws upon a network of independent consultants in leadership training and communication with a combined 50+ years of experience in the kind of services that matter for organizational excellence.   Everything from leadership training and communication skills to governance models and strategic planning.  The crew has successfully worked with thousands of board members and hundreds of organizations to improve their leadership performance.

Greg McKenzie
Window to Leadership, LLC
1470 Rosemont Road
West Linn, Oregon 97068
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Chuck Namit
Strategem, LLC
4107 Clearwater Drive, SE
Lacey, WA  98503
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Window to Leadership, LLC

1470 Rosemont Road
West Linn, Oregon 97068-2931

Phone:  503.752.2438
Fax: 503-655-0849